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The ancient East

National holidays
National holidays played a great role in China since ancient times. The Chinese have for millennia used a lunar calendar to determine the exact dates of national holidays. And despite the fact that after the proclamation of the people's Republic of China it was decided to introduce solar to...
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Lunar calendar
Lunar calendar - traditional order number of time in China, rooted in ancient antiquity. As is evident from ancient records, the basis of the lunar calendar were known to the ancestors of the Chinese already in the middle of the 2nd Millennium BC the Final design of the system of Chinese lunar ...
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The Assyrian state
With III thousand on Average, Tigre existed nomovie the state of Ashur, founded a special, separated from the others and settled down here, in the migrant environment, approx. 3000 G. the group of Akkadians worshiped eponymous tribal God Assur. In the twenty-first century, Assyria was in power in third dynasty of Ur, then his...
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The Sumerians and Sumer before the end of the early dynastic period
With the advent of Sumerians archaeological culture is replaced ubeid in the Lower Mesopotamian Uruk culture (fourth Millennium BC). The Sumerians mixed with the local subars and assimilated them in turn, adopting them from many craft and art, witnesses to what is nisamerica words related to these areas, and ...
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The territory and population. The ancient history of Mesopotamia.
Mesopotamia (gr. "Mesopotamia", the land between the Tigris and Euphrates) is a broad shallow basin, which stretches Northwest from the Persian Gulf and bounded by the Arabian plateau, Syria, Armenian Brand and the Zagros. The region is divided into two parts: the lower Mesopotamia, where Teague...
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The Ethnic Groups Of The Ancient East
Vast areas of the ancient East was inhabited by peoples and tribes of different language groups. First, it should be called Afro-Asiatic (obsolete name: Semitic-Hamitic) language family, which included extensive Semitic branch with numerous podgruppami, Egyptian, berbero-Libyan, cosits...
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The political system of the Ancient East
Potestary-political organization of ancient Eastern societies initially has two main levels. The first, inherited from the primitive, associated with the community and community-based (community and tribal) government. The existence of communities is an essential feature of the history of the ancient East. Sustainable...
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Some features of the economy of the Ancient East
Main industries in which human labor is invested in drevnem the East is agriculture and the construction of (monumental, irrigation, etc.). The economy is basically natural, as each village able to support themselves, and the more she still can't...
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Class structure of ancient Oriental societies. Forms of exploitation
Primitive society, is limited and not faced with complex tasks, homogeneous. The development and complexity of society leads to functional allocation of the power elite, the access to which are first of all distinguished or influential due to its property status members of society....
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The ancient Indians extracted the music from the stone.
Archaeologists re-discovered ancient giant temple complex in southern India where ancient people using stones, uttered musical sounds when the performance of rituals. The complex Kuphal hill were found the stones with unusual hollows that have been made to remove the loud clinking...
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The monument of love by moonlight.
Very soon tourists visiting the ancient Hindu complex of the Taj Mahal, will be able to admire its beauty in the moonlight. This will be possible thanks to the decision of the Supreme court of India, who shot a two-decade ban on tours at night. Now the Taj Mahal will take the...
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We are interested in the era of Judaism has fulfilled its mission to the world: "from Zion came the law" for all mankind. The history of Palestine in the last centuries before and at the beginning of BC has world-historical significance. With 198, passing into the hands of the Seleucids, the Jews became the face of...
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Firdausi in his epic Alexander makes the Persian national hero - he was the son of Darius, the winner of Philip, who conquered rightfully belonged to him appropriated the Kingdom from his brother, too, Darius. He is the patron of native religion, and wisdom. Rightly highlights illini...
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The disintegration of David monarchy had immediate consequence of the loss of Jews of any political significance. We have seen that Egypt immediately entered into their rights; however, the internal Affairs again distracted him from foreign policy. The change was other candidates in the hegemony, and especially with them sewn...
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Economicas ancient times Urartu tribes were breeding cattle, and the cattle were long very primitive nomadic nature. The cattle in the summer were driven to mountain pastures, and in winter, again returned to the valley and lowlands. The main types of domestic animals were cow, sheep and...
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The HISTORY of Oratoire country of Urartu, of great importance to study the life of ancient peoples who inhabited the territory of the Soviet Union. It is most closely connected with the ancient history of the Caucasus.The Kingdom of Urartu was located on a big plateau, located between Asia Minor, North-Western RA...
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Politico-economic treatise ancient China "Granicz" is attributed by tradition Guan-Jun, ed. "Granicz", Shanghai, 1915....To build the capital of the state is necessary if not at the foot of high mountains, high above a wide river. It should be high, but not to bring...
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China. Conjectural inscriptions
Conjectural inscriptions on the bones of sacrificial animals and the shields of turtles, found in the village of Saotong near the city of Anyang in the end of the last century. The oldest known monuments of Chinese writing. Dated to the last centuries of the dynasty Yin (1766-1122 BCE).Guo Moruo, Study...
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"Arthashastra" (a management to practical activities of the Tsar) - the political and economic treatise, the originator of which is considered to be Kautilya (or Kautalya Vishnagupta) - chief adviser of Maury Chandragupta (321-297 BC). Below are some important places...
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"The laws of Manu" is the most important of all the ancient collections of laws - Brahmanic tradition is considered the establishment of Manu, the mythical progenitor of the people. In fact, they are the work of one of the Brahmanic schools of thought. The compiling of this book...
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Confucianism - ethical-political teaching, which arose in Ancient China, 300 years after the death of Confucius. The teachings of Confucianism had a huge influence on the development of the whole spiritual culture, political life and social system of China for over two thousand years. The foundations of Confucianism was...
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Confucius is the main founder of the ethical and political teachings "Confucianism", was born in the VI century BC from the Governor of the city Chauhan in the small Kingdom of Lu in Northern China. Confucius's father Shu Liang-Homel two wives. By his first wife he had nine daughters, and from the second - weak son...
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Taoism is one of the world's great religions. Despite the fact that the Foundation of Taoism was founded in the IV century BC, philosopher of Ancient China Lao Tzu, who wrote the famous treatise "Dao de Jing", as a developed religious tradition Taoism began to take shape in the early Middle ...
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Lao Tzu
Laozi (Li er) was a philosopher who lived in the sixth century BC in Ancient China. Considered the founder of Taoism, although in its present form, Taoism has very little in common with the philosophy of the Laozi, so the latter has undergone various additions, changes and distortions. Lao Tzu &ndas...
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The Religions Of China
The religion of China had never existed in the form of a rigidly centralized "Church". The traditional religion of Ancient China was a mixture of local beliefs and ceremonies of a kind of coming together as one universal theoretical constructions of scholars. However, to...
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the history of China
History of China begins from the time of the legendary ruler Fu si, who lived 30-40 centuries before the Christian era. Supposedly gods inspired him to write the sacred books of the Ancient Chinese "I Ching", from which sprang the theory that the physical universe arose and razviva...
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Religion Buddhism
The religion of Buddhism originated in Ancient India as an attempt to answer the question about the purpose of human existence and to move beyond suffering. Buddhism teaches that under the influence of man's actions are his existence is constantly changing. By doing bad, he reaps the disease, poverty, humiliation. In doing Ho...
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the philosophy of Buddhism
The philosophy of Buddhism was born out of the very spirit of Ancient India, which up to that time, formed the most rich in world culture search for "the truth" is the quest for spiritual liberation, enlightenment. This culture was created by centuries of forest hermits, ascetics and yogis who practiced...
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Shiva is among the three principal deities of Hinduism - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. All three gods are the manifestation of the one divine essence, but each is assigned a specific "scope". So, Brahma is the Creator of the world, Vishnu its protector, Shiva - his p...
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Buddhism is one of the first religions has achieved global recognition. Other world religions - Christianity and Islam appeared much later (Christianity - five, Islam twelve centuries later). Started its existence in Ancient India, in two and a half t...
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Aryan civilization
Aryan civilization made their cultural contribution not only to the development of the whole Arashi, but also Ancient India. Initially, the Aryan civilization was composed of scattered nomadic tribes, supporting their city-States across Eurasia. The greatest number of settlements of the ancient Aryans found in Russia...
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The city of Mohenjo-Daro (literally translated from Hindi - "hill of the dead"), was opened in 1922 by the Indian archaeologist R. Banerjee. According to conducted archaeological excavations and research, Mohenjo-Daro was founded in the Indus valley over 5000 years ago and was the largest center of Hinds...
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Culture of ancient India
Culture of Ancient India in its origin, is inseparably connected with the Harappan civilisation preceded the Aryan. In the III-II Millennium BC, and perhaps earlier in the Indus valley there was one of the greatest civilizations of antiquity. Science learned about this little-known culture of ancient India ...
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Civilization Han
Korea, Japan and Vietnam has long been influenced by its neighbor - the Chinese Empire. What gave the ancient Chinese-Han so powerful, what did they scoop the harmony and strength of spirit?The first traces of man-the farmer in China date back to the VI-V millennia BC person But...
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Legendary castle
Edo castle is like an acorn from which grew a huge oak tree. Acorn is gone, and a mighty tree - Tokyo - continues to live and grow.At the confluence of the rivers Sumida, Edogawa and Arakawa in the Bay back in the XV century (in 1457) was built Outpost. It was built by the feudal Lord dokan OTA in place...
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Pradnya Of The Ancient East.
The elements of natural knowledge, knowledge in the natural Sciences, have been accumulated gradually in the process of practical human activity and were formed mostly on the basis of the needs of practical life without becoming a self-sufficient activity. Stand out from practical...
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In China found a "flying saucer" made of stone
Last week in the village of Huang Jiangxi province (China) during the site clearance for coal mine workers discovered a strange boulder - a disc with a small bulge in the middle. Began to dig further: out of the ground appeared another Kamenyuki - ideally similar to the first, then another...Always...
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The Tomb Of Genghis Khan
The Beijing media reported the sensational news. It is said that Chinese archaeologists made a unique discovery: they found the grave of the legendary warlord and founder of the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan.The last resting place of Genghis Khan has been the object of POI...
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The mystery of the Chinese pyramids
In China, as has long been called China, a lot of amazing mountains, which "back" it reaches the clouds. Say, the highest and largest in the world, the Tibetan plateau and high-altitude pole of the Earth - mount Everest. But there are other hills, which now amaze the world, and even more surprised t...
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The ancient civilization of Japan
Japanese scientist studying underwater rock formation off the coast of Japan declares that it traces the Asian equivalent of Atlantis - an ancient civilization, absorbed by the ocean 3 thousand years ago.Marine geologist Masaaki Kimura says he has identified the ruins of a city off the coast of Yonaguni island, in the South-West...
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Chinese pyramids
According to ancient Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids built in this country, testify to visits to our planet by aliens from other worlds. At the beginning of the century, two Australian traders were turned out on the vast plains of Sichuan in Central China. Here they found more than a hundred ...
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The oldest civilization of Iran. Elam.
In the IV-III Millennium BC, the territory of ancient Iran was fairly densely populated by related to each other tribes that are similar in origin to their Eastern neighbours - the Dravidians of the Indus valley. To statehood the first among them moved the tribes who occupied the South-West of Iran country Elam (this will plant...
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The ancient East